Administrative Law

Administrative law relates to decisions, orders, rules, or regulations created by governments or other public or quasi-public bodies.

Public bodies, such as the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board, Ontario Municipal Board, Senate Appeals Committee of the University of Ottawa have administrative procedures set out under law or regulation, rules of procedure or policy.

We advise and represent clients in responding to the requirements of administrative procedures controlled by public bodies. We assist in formulating complaints, identifying grounds of appeal, preparing legal submissions, including court applications to the Divisional Court or the Federal Court of Canada. Examples of our services include:

  • Academic Appeals;
  • Employee Discipline;
  • Controlled Drugs and Substances Exemptions;
  • Disclosures to the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner;
  • Harassment Investigations;
  • Security Screenings;
  • Professional Standards Complaints; and
  • Judicial Review.