Human rights in Canada have, since the 1970s, been protected in various provinces through provincial human rights codes and by the federal Canadian Human Rights Act.
Administrative law relates to decisions, orders, rules, or regulations created by governments or other public or quasi-public bodies.
When issues arise regarding your employment, they can often be complex and frustrating. We advise and represent both unionized and non-unionized clients in resolving such employment related conflicts effectively, cost-efficiently and with an understanding of individual needs and interests.
Civil litigation is a process whereby a party seeks legal redress for civil wrongs committed against them.
One of the most fundamental rights that exists in any society is the right of security of the person. In the context of institutional incarceration, prisoners are kept out of sight and out of mind – yet their fundamental rights have not been extinguished.
Fundamental freedoms from state control include the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression, security of the person, and mobility rights to enter and to move within Canada.
With the hardening of the police response to vibrant civil protest in the last decade, Canada has witnessed an unprecedented display of unlawful arrests, excessive use of force and civilian punishment for expression of democratically protected political expression.
Located just minutes from the Supreme Court, Hameed Law offers Supreme Court agency services to legal organizations, law firms across Canada, and individuals for applications for leave to appeal, interventions, and preparing responding materials.


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