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Our work has been discussed in various Canadian news media, a selection of which is listed below. We believe in speaking up and speaking out for the advocacy of human rights and are proud to be part of a continuing public discussion on mobilizing social action against unfair laws and conditions in Canadian society.

Des groupes demandent à revoir le projet de dépôt de déchets nucléaires à Chalk River
Are magic mushroom shops growing within grey area of the law?
Federal Court ruling sets back health workers seeking psilocybin mushroom access
Court orders review of former informant’s human rights complaint against spy agency
Health professionals, patients challenging rejection to use psilocybin in training
Ottawa ‘saves’ millions by making tardy judicial appointments; average delay 11 months in 2023
Supreme Court calls out Liberal Government for lack of judges

Supreme Court calls out Liberal Government for lack of judges

640 Toronto, The Alex Pierson Show, August 11, 2023

Force Justin Trudeau to fill judicial vacancies, lawyer asks Federal Court
Academics, activists fight to bar ex-Israel PM Bennett from entering Canada
Deux poids, deux mesures, une poursuite

Deux poids, deux mesures, une poursuite

La Presse, June 12, 2023

Lawyer suing feds over Ukraine refugee program wants Ottawa to come to table before it’s too late
Canada NGOs request federal court block former Israel PM’s visit
Groups file court application over whether Canada’s laws allow entry of former Israeli PM
Canadian Afghan advisers take government to court over alleged discrimination
‘We are being treated like trash’: Afghan-Canadians sue Ottawa, claim immigration rules are discriminatory
London’s 1st magic mushroom store, the latest in Ontario, could test limits of authorities’ tolerance
Health-care professionals fight decision to reject access to psilocybin for training
Inside a B.C. mom’s long wait to access psilocybin for depression: ‘I was fighting for my life’
Exclusive: Health Canada ‘acting in bad faith’ when it comes to psilocybin exemptions, argues advocacy group
Hameed and Saeed: End the detention of immigrants in Ontario jails

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